New King Snake models available in march 2018, Bone serie with thin body, like Birdland and ES 350


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"Brand new Vintage guitars in mint condition"

Brand concept,

Normally when we say “ full acoustic hollow body” people think about jazz, but before the solid body guitar appeared, most of the popular music at that time was played with acoustic hollow body guitars.
It was the dawn period for tube amplifiers too, guitar player was used to raise the volume at the maximum and the sound result, at that time, was big with a thick greasy drive.
This wildness sound make a big part of the charm of these vintage guitars.

That's why we create a new brand : King Snake

These two words “King Snake” was used a lot in the blues song lyrics at that time.
This great “ Dirty sound “ can only be made with these full hollow body guitars, our new brand focus on that point.
Texas blues player Lightnin' Hopkins used to keep the casting skin of a snake inside the body of his guitar. Saying it improved the sound …
On the other hand, white country players used to put the tale of a rattlesnake in their instruments, saying it improved the sound and give that famous MOJO you are searching now …
Myth or reality … Who knows ? Just try if you want to be sure ….

Back to Japan, snake is well known as a messenger of Benzai Ten, goddess of the music. Also, snake bring good fortune too.
All this historical background inspired us when we choose the name of our new brand.

All our models are inspired by great masters of that era, John Lee Hooker, T' Bone Walker, Lightin Hopkins and so many others.
The first release of our Detroit One model was charged with a casting skin of a Royal python, I know where is this guitar now …. Don't ask me …

The specifications of our guitars are the same as the guitars produced in the 40's, 50's.
With the benefit of the experience and some technological improvements, we even solve different problems and inconveniences that appears with some real vintage guitars.

100% made in Japan.
In the TERADA Music Instruments factory.
TERADA is a main factory for Gretsch, Sadowsky, D'aquisto, Tokai, Epiphone Elitist, archtop guitars.
So, Everybody know the high level of craftsmanship in this manufacture, it doesn't need more comments.....

After trying out of many of different finishes pattern, we decide to do the finish without buffing. This texture really give you that "alive" vintage touch feelings and the vintage look.
Buffing makes the guitar glossy and make it to "Normal".
Also it came out like Plastic/glass looking.
We have lot of respects to the texture of Vintage guitars, we want to make the guitar which has the same feeling of "Vintage Guitar in Mint Condition".
Another good Point of not buffing is they can keep the finish thin.
It gives the direct sound, and gives you the sound you search for.
On the contrary, the polishing process requires much more paint, so that it has enough thickness to be able to be polished.
But we all know that the less you have lacquer on the wood, the better the guitar sound …

For the finish of King Snake, We use little alcohol type filler first, and rest of the finishes are all nitrocellulose lacquer.
We didn't want to make the guitar that you see all the time. We want it to have character, something new with the finish and the tone of the vintage guitars.
For the neck, we do little alcohol type filler and rest of the finish is Nitrocellulose Lacquer.
We leave the relief of the wood on purpose.
Now Expensive model of Gibson Les Paul does the same way.
Our finish makes you feel that you play a Vintage guitar and fit to your hands.
The thin finish gives you the full sound of the guitar.

Specifications :

- Ebony fretboard and carved spruce top are available options.
- Neck shape, all models have the same ”U” shape.
- Width of Fingerboard :
Detroit One/Jazz/Four, 42.5mm(Nut)-53mm(12thF)
One/Two/Three Bone, 43mm(Nut)-53mm(12thF)
Smith, 42.5mm(Nut)-53mm(12thF)
Curtis, 42.5mm(Nut)-53mm(12thF)
- Thickness of Neck :
All Models, 22mm(1stF)-24.5mm(9thF)
- Pickups mini humbucker are handmade only for these guitars, size of the mini are not the same as the Epiphone (Gibson) one's.
NECK Pickup DC resistance :10.0KΩ
BRIDGE Pickup DC resistance :11.0KΩ
Alnico 5
- P90 TWP-NINE are handmade only for these guitars
Neck & Middle, magnet wire : AWG42, Plane Enamel / Magnet : ALNICO-5 / DC Resistance : 7.5KΩ
Bridge, magnet wire : AWG42, Plane Enamel / Magnet : ALNICO-4 / DC Resistance : 8.0KΩ
Based on Vintage P90 with arrangement.
To avoid too much boomy bass sound, Neck & Middle pick up has different number of wire turns.
About Bridge pickup, it has more number of wire turn compare to Neck & Middle pickup. Tension are wider and loosen.
We use Alnico 4 Magnet to make it to have sharpness and strong on Mid & Low.
All pickups are wax potted for the howling problems.



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