We will be at the BIGS, Belgian International Guitar Show, at La Louvière. From 12th to 13th of november 2022. With King Snake guitars, Yamaoka guitars, Vanzandt guitars, AKG amplifiers and KGR Harmony effects. Hope to meet you there.



"Brand new Vintage guitars"

Brand concept:

Before the advent of solid guitars, country, blues, R&B,jazz and popular music were all played on fully hollow guitars. In those days, amplifiers were in their infancy, and the sound was a thick driving sound from a small tube amp with the volume turned up. We want to convey that the wildness of that era is also the charm of the "fully hollow" guitar. For that purpose, We launched a new brand:

King Snake

It's called "KING SNAKE". This phrase is often sung in old blues songs. A good dirty sound that can only be produced with a fully holow. This is a new brand that focuses on that. Texas bluesman Lightnin' Hopkins used to keep a snake shell in his guitar. "He said, "That's what makes it sound so good. White country players used to put rattlesnake tails in their guitars, fiddles and mandolins. "It sounds great." And it means there's a MOJO (in voodoo, it's meant to improve luck with money, gambling and women). I can see why it was so popular among American musicians in the past to put them in their instruments.

Back to Japan, snake is well known as a messenger of Benzai Ten, goddess of the music. Also, snake bring good fortune too.
All this historical background inspired us when we choose the name of our new brand.

All our models are inspired by great masters of that era, John Lee Hooker, T' Bone Walker, Lightin Hopkins and so many others.
The first release of our Detroit One model was charged with a casting skin of a Royal python, I know where is this guitar now …. Don't ask me …

The specifications of our guitars are the same as the guitars produced in the 40's, 50's.
With the benefit of the experience and some technological improvements, we even solve different problems and inconveniences that can appears with some real vintage guitars.

100% made in Japan.
In the TERADA Music Instruments factory.
TERADA is a main factory for Gretsch, Sadowsky, D'aquisto, Tokai, Epiphone Elitist, archtop guitars.
So, Everybody know the high level of craftsmanship in this manufacture, it doesn't need more comments.....

For the finish of King Snake, We use little alcohol type filler first, and rest of the finishes are all nitrocellulose lacquer.
We didn't want to make the guitar that you see all the time. We want it to have character, something new with the finish and the tone of the vintage guitars.

All Models Thin Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish
Super Light Weight 2.1kg ~ 2.9kg (depends on the model)
Special Plywood Material
Fat Sound & Bluesy
All models are open grain finish



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